Azure IoT OTA update using method involves sending the binary file URL to the device for firmware updates through the ‘Direct Methods’ option.

    Azure Side

    Device OTA update using method setup:

    • Sign in to the Azure Portal.
    • On the Azure homepage, select your created IoT Hub. 
    • In the Left side Device Management section Choose ‘Devices’.
    • Select the Device ID you want to send the OTA update.
    • Select the Direct method option to update the device firmware.


    • In the Method name, provide ‘OTA’.
    • In the payload, send the payload format as shown in the image. 
    • For the action, specify ‘OTA,’ and in the URL,
      paste the uploaded binary file URL.
    • Set the Response timeout and Connection timeout.
    • Click the Invoke method button to start the OTA updation.

    Try it out

    esp32 Azure IoT platform

    1. esp idf baremetal
    2. arduino esp32

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