The HVAC IoT solution from BuildStorm enables monitoring HVAC solutions for energy consumption, operational efficiency and asset performance. The solution provides end-to-end monitoring for individual and clustered HVAC systems. It uses industry leading sensing and gateway hardware built on ESP32 with AWS IOT cloud.

    Solution Technical Specifications

    1. Determinizing and plotting comfort zone with comfort chart.
    2. Energy monitoring for HVAC equipment
    3. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
    4. Alarms and Alerts
    5. Data Logging over MQTT
    6. Data Logging over Ethernet
    7. Over the Air (OTA) Updates
    8. Device Provisioning with Claim Certificates
    9. Manufacturing Support
    10. Error Logging

    Hardware Specifications

    1. Certified ESP32 for Wi-Fi, BLE and Datalogging
    2. 1x SSD1306 OLED (I2C)
    3. 8x 24v Digital Inputs
    4. 4x Relay outputs (5A)
    5. 3x Built-in buttons (ADC)
    6. 1x Ethernet (W5500)
    7. 1x microSD Card


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