GPS Trackers for Race Vehicles with AWS IoT Cloud

    Build production ready firmware for trackers built to track competitive and non-competitive vehicles during the race. The initial version of firmware was prototyped with Arduino, it was great for quick validation of the hardware. However, the production-ready firmware was built on FreeRTOS with a clean, non-blocking architecture with state machines. The goal was accomplished by successfully running the hardware on the actual tracks at a popular race track venue. It was an exciting project, executed fully remotely by our team. We are excited to see these going on bikes, cars and other support vehicles zooming at high speeds. The solution will provide much-needed data and analytics for the teams to perform better and keep raising the bar.

    Work Highlights

    1. Evaluated several 2G/4G cellular modems to find the best fit in terms of reliability and connectivity with AWS IoT
      1. Quectel : M95, BG95, EG91x
      2. SIMcom : SIM800C
      3. U-Blox: SARA-R422
    2. Evaluated the following GNSS/GPS receivers to find the best ones for the particular types of trackers
      1. U-Blox ZED-F9P-01B
      2. U-Blox SAM-M8Q-0-10
    3. Implemented the following AWS-IOT features
      1. MQTT data ingest
      2. OTA with HTTP file downloads and bootloader for primary STM32 MCU
      3. Shadow updates
      4. AWS IoT jobs
    4. Designed and implemented full product architecture with several state machines to deliver non-blocking, real-time application
    5. Implemented circular buffers for offline temporary storage
    6. Implemented feature sets required for competitive and non-competitive trackers
    7. Documented the full feature set with interfaces and state diagrams
    8. Implemented power-saving features to improve battery life.
    9. Supported cloud team setup and integrate device features on AWS IoT
    10. Supported on-field teams to test and refine product



    1. STM32F413RGT6
    2. Quectel : EG91x 4G modem
    3. U-Blox ZED-F9P-01B GPS module
    4. BMI088 Gyro Sensor


    1. Built a custom NodeJS tool for
      1. Updating the bootloader and application to STM32
      2. Download security certificates and provision devices with AWS IoT
    2. STM32 Cube

    Client Review

    I have worked with Saheblal Bagwan and Team at BuildStorm on a number of complex IoT projects and I can highly recommend him as the best firmware developer I have worked with over the last 40 years. He works extremely hard, always understands what is required and produces results amazingly quickly. As if this wasn’t enough, he’s a really nice guy as well!

    Peter Robinson

    Managing Director, ROS Technology Ltd