We empower your products with parallel development on hardware as well as cloud. We help you with a rapidĀ  proof of concept.


    We offer

    1. Understand the business requirements and evaluate if AWS IOT is the right choice
    2. Provide architecture for the full project from hardware to cloud
    3. Expert firmware development with free-RTOS, which is basis for firmware on devices.
    4. Assess edge device compatibility as it relates to AWS IoT SDK functionality
    5. Identify edge sensor data to be collected (e.g. vibration, temperature, pressure, etc.)
    6. Identify a single command to demonstrate cloud-to-device capabilities (e.g. relay switching, configuration change, etc.)
    7. Identify security and provisioning requirements (e.g. X.509, group symmetric key, DPS, etc.)
    8. Development of source code for customer Microcontroller based IoT device to communicate with AWS IoT Hub, written C or C++
    9. Development of AWS IoT backend services and associated website and analytics dashboard
    10. Deployment of the end-to-end proof of concept into customer’s AWS subscription