Our journey with ESP32 stared with it’s very launch. We designed and shipped hornbill, a development board to help engineers prototype faster. We have continued building tutorials and eventually commercial products for our clients. Our clients have more than 60K field deployments with ESP32.
    We cover all basis of building a product around ESP32


    1. Firmware Architecture
    2. Non blocking peripheral drivers — GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C etc.
    3. Wi-Fi and BLE development
    4. OTA integration
    5. Security for local data storage and SSL data transfer
    6. Local Data Storage for product configuration, logs etc.,
    7. Manufacturing Support — Merged Binaries, Device IDs, Functional Tests
    8. Error Logging — Local and cloud error logging with error codes
    9. Testing — Unit and functional tests

    Mobile Apps

    We build cross platform and native apps which work seamlessly with ESP32 hardware

    1. Local OTA over webserver
    2. Device configuration over BLE
    3. BLE and Wi-Fi co-existence
    4. BLE custom and standard profiles

    Cloud Solutions

    1. Public Cloud Builds with AWS, GCP, Azure
    2. AWS IOT custom integration
    3. Cloud backend with Linux, MongoDB, NodeJS
    4. Frontend with React, HTML5