Building low power devices or exploring cutting edge features with BLE, we can help. We have built multi-central, multi-peripheral, low power and even streaming devices with NRF52 and other Nordic BLE chipsets.

    The edge Nordic solutions have over other chipsets is the depth of their SDKs. We specialize building cutting edge low power devices. We invest in latest low power measurement tools and software research to building long lasting battery powered devices that we all need. We also experiment with the latest features of BLE such as direction finding, LE audio for building next gen products.


    1. Firmware Architecture
    2. Non blocking peripheral drivers — GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C etc.
    3. BLE development with custom and generic profiles
    4. OTA integration
    5. Security for local data storage and SSL data transfer
    6. Local Data Storage for product configuration, logs etc.,
    7. Manufacturing Support — Merged Binaries, Device IDs, Functional Tests
    8. Error Logging — Local and cloud error logging with error codes
    9. Testing — Unit and functional tests

    Mobile Apps

    We build cross platform and native apps which work seamlessly with NRF hardware

    1. Application
    2. Integrate generic and custom BLE profiles
    3. BLE OTA integration
    4. Device configuration