This bootloader solution allows you to update firmware on STM32 MCUs. It accepts data from serial ports and updates the firmware on the internal flash. The internal flash also has sector allocated to store application specific data. The solution can be customized to meet your specific needs.



    • Optimized bootloader to fit in a single sector
    • Encrypted Firmware updates and data storage

    Technical Details

    MCU memory layout


    Flow Diagram


    Supported Controllers

    The bootloader and application have been tested on the below controllers with 1Mb flash memory. It can be customized to use on any of STM32 controllers.

    • STM32F407
    • STM32F413
    • STM32F429

    Try it out

    Getting Started with STM32 Bootloader Library


    Licensing and Custom Solutions

    The free usage of library is limited to 20 boot cycles It is meant for testing and demonstration only. If you need full access to the library or if you’re looking for a customized solution, reach out at