Field tested product framework built from our 3 years experience of shipping IoT products with ESP32. Focus on the application while our product framework takes care of the foundations.

    Reduce time to market by 3 months with most essential product focused features baked in.

    Run on any cloud. No cloud lock-in, keep your customers and their data.

    Mobile apps done right. Pre-tested smartphone app components that work well with hardware.

    Built exclusively for ESP32. Portable yet highly optimized firmware.

    Ship with confidence. Manufacturing support for configurations and integration tests.

    Roll out updates from get go. Field tested OTA strategy baked in.

    Simpaltek LLC built their 60K+ device fleet for Nexx Smarthome series of products with our expert firmware development service..


    We offer engineering and consulting services to build your product on top of the product framework. Schedule a call to discuss more.