The firmware solution offers integration of IoT core features on ESP32 Hardware. It cover integration from basic IOT drivers to advanced features like OTA and provisioning. Building a solid foundation for your next IoT application, giving a 3 month head-start on product development.

The solution is also extended with IIOT hardware from Norvi. We demonstrate several use cases like HVAC, Smart Home, Industrial monitoring and more.

Core Integrations

These are most essential components used by most IOT applications built with AWS IoT

  1. Over the Air (OTA) Updates
  2. Provisioning with Claim Certificates
  3. AWS IoT data logging over Wi-Fi
  4. AWS IoT data logging over Ethernet
  5. Local data storage

IO Integrations

  1. OLED
  2. Digital Outputs x 4
  3. Analog Inputs (8) with External ADC — ADS1115
  4. RTC over I2C — DS3231
  5. microSD Support SPI

Resources & Demos



You can find the documentation from the link mentioned below. It contains API references and user guides to help you use this library.

Custom Solutions

Looking for custom solutions on our framework? Save up-to 3 months of development effort on firmware and cloud software. Reach out for free demo.

“I have bought the library, excellent! Thank you to BuildStorm team for this job, I have saved a huge time.Also they provide fine in any support in any questions. Thank you all the team!”
Arkadiy Simonov