Way we craft

Making hardware work is the biggest kick we get out of our work.  As a close knit team we continue to build breakthrough hardware to cloud complex products. We ensure we improve with each assignment. This is what we do to nurture our craft. 

understanding the requirements

Capture not just what’s said, but what is really need.

we leave nothing to assumption. We ask many questions to understand what exactly you’re intending to build. We capture all the details, draw diagrams and run through you. Make a desired feature list, prioritize and start building.

the speed of development

POC on time is critical for product to come about, it demands speed!

We do rapid iterations with quick decisions to arrive at a working POC. We use all of our experience ensure speed and also be very open minded to suggestions and feedback. We understand that POC on time is critical in getting much needed time and funding for the product to come to fruition.

Process over speed for shipping reliable hardware.

shipping reliable hardware and software, needs good design, systems in place and time for iteration. We take a step back slow down the POC speed and plan for actual goals of the product, be it reliability, safety, security or anything else. We put together a development plan, a process with project management, testing, support and everything else to achieve the product goals.

as engineers we own the outcomes

What sets us apart, is owning the product outcomes. Not in literal sense of owning the product IP but taking ownership of the work we take up and being responsible for the deliverables. The simple reason is getting products out of the door in the hands of the end users brings great joy and meaning to our work. So we own outcomes and go out of the way to make it happen.

hands-on leaders

be it team leaders or founders, we believe only way to keep up is by experimenting and building. We don’t hesitate to solder a board, setup a SDK or run field tests. It gives much needed perspective to truly understand the scope of the work, the problems at hand and time and effort it needs to build the solutions.

putting systems in place

  1. architecture and block diagrams for your product with Quip, Google Docs or pdfs
  2. development and build systems with Git
  3. project management with Jira or platform of your choice
  4. testing with Qase or platform of your choice
  5. custom production testing setup for hardware

building trust with work

Some of our long standing clients have worked with us for several years now. The only way to make that happen is to deliver consistently. We communicate transparently, truly understand the business needs and ensure products get shipped. We know every release is an opportunity, not just to take the work forward but to build trust and a solid relationship.