KAA IoT OTA Updates involves uploading the file to the cloud and assigning the firmware to the device you want to update.

    Getting started 

    Follow this article to do provisioning & registering the device on KAA IoT.

    KAA IoT Side

    OTA Setup

    • Sign in to the KAA IoT cloud console.
    • In the left navigation panel, Choose Files.
    • Select public bucket and Upload the bin File.
    • Click Share and copy the bin file link.
    upload and share file

    Assigned firmware

    • Once file is uploaded, In the left navigation panel go to Device management, Software OTA.
    • Select Application on the top right corner.
    • Add Software version.
    • Add latest version number, Description, Version Upgradable from and add download link.
    • Add Rollout Configuration.  

    Try it out

    ESP32 KAA IoT platform

    1. ESP-IDF baremetal
    2. Arduino ESP32

    Licensing and Custom Solutions

     If you’re looking for a customized solution, reach out at hello@buildstorm.com

    You may also schedule a demo here.