ThingsBoard IoT Device Provisioning involves the registration of a device onto the cloud platform, enabling seamless communication and interaction between the cloud and the registered device.

    Creating a device profile enables us to obtain the necessary credentials. With these credentials, we can then proceed to provision the device.

    ThingsBoard Side

    Device Profile Details

    • Sign in to the ThingsBoard Console, open the ThingsBoard Cloud
    • In the left navigation panel, choose Profiles, choose Device Profiles, and then click Add device profile.
    • Enter a name for the Device Profile and the remaining details as needed.
    Device profile

    Transportation Configuration

    • Select Transportation Configuration (Example: MQTT).
    Transport Configuration

    Device Provisioning

    • Select Provision strategy to Create new devices.
    • Copy  and Save Provision Device Key and Provision Device Secret.
    • Click Add.
    Provision strategy

    Make Device Profile Default

    • By Making device profile default, Device profile will be used for new Devices with no profile specified.
    Default Device profile

    Device Side

    Try it out

    esp32 ThingsBoard platform

    1. esp idf baremetal
    2. arduino esp32

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