This Android app is designed to showcase the essential functionalities of the BuildStorm ESP32 IoT Platform.

    To install the application on your Android device, use the provided APK file.

    Upon launching the mobile app for the first time, you will be prompted to grant permissions for ‘Location and Bluetooth Access.’ Kindly provide the necessary permissions.

    2. Configuration of the ESP32 Device

    2.1 Essential Conditions

    • Guarantee a robust internet connection on the mobile device.
    • Enable Bluetooth functionality on the mobile device.
    • Maintain a direct line-of-sight range of up to 10 meters between the ESP32 and the mobile device.
    • Utilize 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity, ensuring both SSID and password are under 30 characters in length.

    2.2 Procedure

    2.2.1 ThingsBoard Login Page

    • Enter your ThingsBoard Cloud ‘Email’ and ‘Password’ to log in to the account.


    2.2.2 ThingsBoard Configuration

    • To Set the ThingsBoard Configuration, click on the ‘More’ ☰ and select ‘Configure ThingsBoard’ option.



    • In the ThingsBoard Configuration page Set your ‘Provision Device Key’ and Provision Device Secret’.

     2.2.3 Device Selection                                           

    • Click on the ‘+’ icon to provision a new device.You shall see a loading screen. Wait till it completes the scanning of available BLE devices.
    • Select your ESP32 device from the displayed list. 

    2.2.4 Configuring WiFi and Registering the Device

    • The app will retrieve the available WiFi list from the ESP32 device.
    • Select your SSID from the dropdown menu and input the password.
    • Click ‘Connect’ to proceed, followed by choosing ‘Register’ on the subsequent page to complete the process.

    2.2.5 Device List

    • To view the devices already registered, tap on ‘List’ in the bottom navigation bar.
    • Tap on the device to access its details.

    2.2.6 Device Insights

    • Explore detailed device information on this page.
    • Easily update your WiFi credentials by choosing ‘Update WiFi’—a seamless way to keep your ESP32 device connected.
    • For a clean slate, the ‘Delete Device’ feature not only removes the device but also wipes all its configuration data from the ESP32 device.