Simplify your IoT product deployments with this solution! It offers preconfigured firmware integration for popular QUECTEL and SIMCOM 2G/3G/4G cellular modems, guaranteeing swift connectivity for your products.

    This platform’s compatibility for cellular networks expands connectivity options, usability, and adaptability for IoT projects. Developers can streamline their development process and create innovative solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements by utilizing these integrated tools.


    Supported IoT Platforms

    Supported Controllers

    • ESP32 
    • STM32

    Supported Modems

    • Quectel
      • M66, M95
      • EG91, EG25
      • BG95, BG96
      • EC200U
    • SIMCOM
      • SIM7600E
      • SIMA7670C



    The platform’s architecture revolves around core microcontroller APIs, guaranteeing compatibility, reliability, and full access to the extensive capabilities of the STM32/ESP32 hardware within the it’s ecosystem.

    STM32 is ideal for budget-friendly outdoor products, whereas a significant aspect of the ESP32 platform is its ability to support both Cellular and Wi-Fi networks concurrently. It prioritizes Wi-Fi connectivity but seamlessly switches to the Cellular network if Wi-Fi becomes unavailable, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

    In summary, this architectural framework serves as a robust foundation for IoT projects designed for both indoor and remote applications. It guarantees reliability, efficiency, and comprehensive access to the myriad capabilities provided by the various cloud platforms.

    Discover the multitude of examples across different IoT platforms, encompassing both our IDF and Arduino-based platforms as listed below.

    • STM32 Platform
    • ESP IDF Bare-metal
    • Arduino ESP32 Platform

    Explore the extensive collection of demos, highlighting real-time use cases from Buildstorm.

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