The goal of the solution is to allow products using cellular modems to seamlessly integrate with AWS IOT. The solution provides firmware integration for popular SIMcom 2G/3G/4G cellular modems. The firmware resides on the main MCU, be it STM32 or any other micro-controller with a Serial Port (UART) support. Software is built on FreeRTOS kernel running two tasks, application and system. System task takes care of AWS IOT, Modem communication, OTA and logging. Application task is completely available for user application.


AWS IOT Device Provisioning

The feature enables provisioning of devices with security certificates. This enables devices to communicate securely with AWS-IOT. The solution performs the following tasks

  1. A NodeJS utility to registers the device on AWS IOT
  2. Downloads the security certificates
  3. Registers and validates the device license with BuildStorm cloud
  4. Transfers certificates to the device over serial port.

AWS IOT MQTT Data Ingest

The feature enables logging application data to AWS IOT cloud with MQTT. The solution performs the following tasks

  1. Implements MQTT connect, publish and subscribe functions on utilizing the vendor SDK in a non-blocking architecture
  2. Provides easy to use C library for application to log data to the cloud.


The feature enables updating the device firmware implementing the following AWS IOT features

  1. Download firmware binaries with HTTP.
  2. Handle firmware updates on the device
  3. Report firmware update status and version to the cloud
  4. Safe roll back in case of OTA failure.


Supported Modems



  1. SIM800C
  2. SIM900


  1. SIM7600E
  2. A7670




Try it out

Sim800 Sim900 Sim7600E and SimA7670 AWS IOT Integration


Licensing and Custom Solutions

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