The Buildstorm platform seamlessly integrates cellular capabilities with ESP32 hardware, extending them to incorporate ThingsBoard IoT features. With support for cellular networks, the platform enhances connectivity options, its usability and versatility for IoT projects. Developers can leverage these integrated tools to streamline their development process and create innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.


    • Standalone Device Provisioning: Devices autonomously register onto the platform for seamless communication and interaction upon connecting to Wi-Fi. This feature is suitable for mass production or industrial IoT solutions.
    • Device Provisioning using Mobile App: Use the mobile application for effortless device registration on the fly, streamlining on-field deployment. This approach is ideal for consumer devices, allowing users to onboard devices directly in the field via the mobile application.
    • Telemetry Updates: Receive real-time updates and insights from connected devices, enhancing monitoring capabilities.
    • Attribute Management: Efficiently manage attributes for better organization, configurations and control of devices.
    • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates: Remotely update device firmware and software without physical access, ensuring devices remain up-to-date with the latest features and security patches.


    The platform’s architecture is designed around core IDF APIs, ensuring compatibility, reliability, and access to the complete capabilities of ESP32 hardware within the ESP-IDF ecosystem.

    One of the key aspects is coexistence of the Cellular and Wi-Fi networks. While the platform prioritizes Wi-Fi connectivity, it seamlessly switches to Cellular network when Wi-Fi is unavailable, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

    Overall, this architectural framework provides a strong basis for IoT projects tailored for both indoor and remote applications. It ensures reliability, efficiency, and full access to the extensive capabilities offered by the ThingsBoard cloud platform.

    Supported Modems


    • M66, M95
    • EG91, EG25
    • BG95, BG96
    • EC200U


    • SIM7600E
    • SIMA7670C

    Supported Controllers

    • ESP32
    • STM32

    Try it out

    Explore the various ThingsBoard examples, including telemetry, attributes management, and OTA (Over-The-Air) updates, on our IDF and Arduino-based platforms listed below:

    By experimenting with these examples, you can gain insights into the capabilities of ThingsBoard and effectively integrate them into your IoT projects.

    Explore the extensive ThingsBoard demo playlist, featuring  real-time use cases from Buildstorm.

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